Minor Surgery

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Skinesse provides a minor surgery service for cosmetic removal of benign skin lesions. Dr Nishel Patel has many years of experience in performing minor cosmetic surgery. You can rest assured the procedure will be carried out in a safe clinical setting with strict medical standards.

The first step is to arrange a consultation with Dr Nishel Patel who will assess your concerns and advise on the most appropriate form of treatment. He will discuss the best form of management, if excision is needed he will discuss the need for anaesthetic and stitches. Once you are happy, you will then be booked in for the procedure at a convenient time. Dr Nishel will offer full aftercare advice and support.

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  • Warts and Verrucae
    these are harmless benign lesions; however, they can be troublesome due to discomfort or unsightly. Common methods of removal will be freezing with a special chemical cold spray. This delicate procedure has been carried out hundreds of times by Dr Nishel.
  • Skin tags
    Also called. Patients often consult for removal of these lesions due to their unsightly nature or that they irritate when around the necklace line or bra line. Men also find them troublesome in friction areas like the groin and armpit. Removal can be achieved either by using a chemical freezing spray or excision under local anaesthetic.
  • Seborrheic warts
    A common problem as our skin ages. Although they sometimes look nasty these are in fact totally benign but it requires the skills of a doctor to be able to help distinguish these from more serious skin conditions. Removal of these lesions is a very popular request. Dr Nishel either uses a chemical freezing spray (recurrent courses may be required) or excision under local anaesthetic.
  • Ganglion removal
    These can commonly occur on the wrist and removal is often requested for cosmetic reasons. Sometimes they can be painful if they sit on the nerves. A popular way of treating these is by aspiration. They can recur and patients often re-attend for further treatments.

*Individual results may vary.

"Dr Jani was very gentle throughout and even texted the next day to see how I was and if I was in any discomfort. The produce itself is very soft and feels so natural."

Jackie age 52

*Individual results may vary.