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Acne can impact your self esteem irrespective of age. People often turn to us after frustration with their previous treatments and to seek a sympathetic ear and expert medical opinion.

Our doctors have over 30 years in dealing with this often distressing problem in their clinical practice.

Our doctors aim to listen carefully to your symptoms and worries. We will advise on a treatment plan using both prescribed medication and the dermatological skin treatments such as mild chemical peels to improve the condition and reduce the risk of potential future scarring

The peels we recommend have the advantage of minimal downtime after treatment. This allows return to work or school on the same or next day. They are designed to remove old skin cells and stimulate new growth of healthy skin. Combined with a good skin care regime this can help with the active acne spots as well as reduce the depth of existing scarring. For more information please send us an enquiry.

We find the combination of expert medical treatments and chemical peels is a effective way to control your acne and give you the results you deserve. We also have on hand access to a number of expert consultant dermatologists who we can refer you onwards to should this be needed.

Prices start from £100 for consultation.

Find out how we can help your acne concerns by booking an appointment online.

*Individual results may vary.

"Highly recommend Dr Patel and his fantastic work! Had lip fillers 2 weeks ago, absolutely love them. I've received so many compliments. Dr Patel was very professional and made me feel at ease through the whole procedure, Before and after! Patel arranged a consultation before any treatment went ahead, In which I had a thorough break down on the treatment and the what if's. He took time in looking at my lips and advising what would be best for a great outcome. After the treatment Patel contacted me to make sure everything was going okay and I have also had a follow up consultation. Couldn't ask for a better experience will definitely be using Dr Patel again."

Ginny age 21

*Individual results may vary.